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Immigration to the Czech Republic

To make a final decision to immigrate is not easy at all. This is a responsible step which will change the whole your life. On the one hand, you will leave behind the routine, you will learn a new language, you will get used to a new lifestyle, culture and mentality of people.

On the other hand, you will acquire a variety of new opportunities – social guarantees, economic stability, free higher education, favourable environmental situation and mild climate – all of these are just the small part of what a hospitable country can give to immigrant.

The number of immigrants in the Czech Republic is increasing each year, otherwise there are countries with much loyal immigration policy, for example Canada and New Zealand. Why the Czech Republic attracts tourists?

Ten reasons for immigration to the Czech Republic

  1. A high standard of living. In the Czech Republic the minimum wage, with the deduction of all taxes, is 11000 CZK. For comparison, in the Russian Federation the minimum wage consists 114 EUR. However, we draw your attention to the fact that the prices for products are one and a half times less in the Czech Republic.

  2. Favourable conditions for business development. The price for registration of a firm is lower than in other countries of European Union. The taxation system in the Czech Republic is flexible and there are government benefits. Moreover, a system of interaction with public management structures is convenient.

  3. Economic stability and social guarantees. Low interest rates on loans (for example, a mortgage from 2% annual interest), there is no unemployment problem, high wages, free higher education, a stable democratic political course aimed at protecting the rights of people. Common European standards. The Czech Republic is a member of the European Union and one of the Schengen Area countries. As a result – equal rights in the territory of all 28 member states. For example, a Czech university diploma is recognized in all countries of the European Union. If you started a business in the Czech Republic, you can work in the EU area as there are no barriers to access the markets of the European Union. It is important to note here that you can move to a different country at any time.

  4. The cost of the immigration process. A great financial contribution to relocate to the Czech Republic, in comparison with other European countries, is not required.

  5. Language similarities. Czech language belongs to the group of West Slavic languages and has similarities with Russian language, respectively it is easy to learn it.

  6. The geographical location. The Czech Republic is bordered by Poland, Germany, Austria and Slovakia – such location gives you an amazing opportunity to travel and to visit any country of the European Union – in a matter of hours you will explore new places and make unforgettable memories. You will have a chance to get to know another country with its customs, traditions and culture. For example, you can spend holidays in Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Vienna and other breathtaking Schengen Area countries. Turn your dreams into reality!

  7. Convenient urban infrastructure. The transport in the Czech Republic goes on schedule, which gives you a possibility to leave the house at a particular time.

  8. Temperate climate zone. The winters in the Czech Republic are short and warm, the average temperature in January is -1°C and the summers are long and mild, the average temperature in July is +23 °C.

  9. The beauty of nature and architecture. It is important to notice that the Czech Republic is one of the most gorgeous cities in Europe. You will find here an alluring castles and palaces. A century of history, towers, magnificent bridges and just beautiful buildings will inspire you. Furthermore, a variety of parks, green plants and flowers would make happy even the most demanding people.

It is clear that there are enough reasons to immigrate to the Czech Republic. And now, it is important to decide, how to come and begin to live in this amazing country. In general, the whole immigration process can be divided into several stages.

The immigration way

The immigration process, as a rule, begins from a tourist visa or from an invitation to the Czech Republic. VISACZ company helps to get a visitor’s visa to the Czech Republic for the period of 1 to 90 days for the single and multiple entries. It is possible to receive a visitor’s visa on the following grounds:

  • a letter of invitation from your family (a relative/spouse),

  • a letter of invitation from an employer (for an internship, for upgrade skills and for further opening of a business visa),

  • a letter of invitation from a co-founder of a firm (if there are several directors and you are one of them, others can issue a letter of invitation for you).

Next step – a long-term visa (a residence permit), which could be issued for the half a year period and must be extended in the territory of the Czech Republic. At this stage, an immigrant should make a final decision about the basis on which he will stay in the country. 

There are only five grounds on which it is possible to extend a visa in the territory of the Czech Republic:

  • extension of visa on the basis of participation of legal persons (business visa),

  • extension of visa on the basis of private entrepreneur (actually also business visa),

  • extension of visa for the purpose of studies (student visa),

  • extension of visa for the purpose of employment (employee card – job at the Czech firm),

  • extension of visa on the basis of family reunification.

The last stage of immigration to the Czech Republic is getting permanent residence. At this stage, an immigrant becomes a full member of the Czech Community with all benefits and social guarantees (except of suffrage).

Please note, that a foreigner can receive a permanent residence if he had been living in the Czech Republic for five years and had a residence permit. A permanent residence is issued for five or ten years. Another stage is obtaining citizenship in the EU – but practically it doesn’t differ from a permanent residence.

Thus, if you decided to immigrate and to live in the Czech Republic, VISACZ company will help you in collecting of all necessary documents for any type of long-term visa and will accompany you at all stages. For further information please contact us.

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