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How to buy a business in Czech Republic

Support for the buying of the hotel in the Czech Republic (Prague) is one of the services that the company «VISACZ» provides our customers. How to buy a business in Czech Republic. Many business leaders turn to us with this question - where and at what price can they buy the best hotel in the Czech Republic. And this is a very far-sighted on their part. Czech Republic is deservedly considered the center of Europe, because the citizens of the different countries - Germans, Austrians, Italians, Russian, English, Ukrainian and many others arrive here. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the percentage of tourists are very high. That is why to buy a hotel in Prague and take it foreign tourists is a very profitable hotel business in the Czech Republic. Despite the fact that many visitors rent apartments, rent apartments (or even houses and cottages) for the duration of his stay, the majority of people still rely on the comfort and hospitality of Prague hotels. And it is not in vain because the beautiful five-star hotel with non-stop service, breakfast, lunch and dinner, excursions and pleasant staff - all you need to have a rest from the daily fuss and work , quietly to spend a two-week vacation in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, to enrich culture, seeing the beautiful historical monuments of Prague, or just walk around the city and returning in the evening in the cozy hotel room, do not think about cooking dinner, knowing that the table for the whole family have served in the restaurant. No doubt  buying a hotel in the Czech Republic - a very profitable investment, despite the high cost of hotels in Prague and Karlovy Vary - 1,000,000 €.

Hotel business in the Czech Republic

Prague has been a very long time and will be the first tourist destination in Europe. And to buy a hotel in Prague, even with a small number of rooms means to provide a good standard of living because profitability will be quite high. Many businessmen before buying the hotel consult different specialists and make forecasts of occupancy of the chosen hotel. The results are striking - in the winter, these figures do not fall below 60-70%, even if it is a part of Prague, Prague 9 or 11.
The VISACZ  company's specialists consult you about all issues, if you decide to buy a hotel in the Czech Republic. We will also help with the choice of hotel and registration of all necessary documents.

If you are interested in the question of buying the hotel, we have for you a very good offer: luxury hotel for many rooms in Prague 4.

How profitable is buying а hotel in the Czech Republic

There are several types of hotels for investors of different orders, namely:

Family Pension.

          - Price: 1 000 000 CZK (40 000 or 55 000 dollars),
          - Number of rooms: a maximum of 15-20,
          - Staff: usually no more than 1-2 people who combine administrative duties, cleaners, waiters and manager, fully serviced board,
          - Meals: breakfast either in the room or in the dining room together,
          - Clientele: as a rule tourists of economy class,
          - Yield: 3-5 percent per year,
          - Costs: the entire contents of the hotel, utilities, food. But in any case  these costs will be much lower than in hotels in the following types,
          - Information: as a rule the property investor of real estate. This type of property is ideal for people who are not interested in buying property in the hotel, but the business itself.

Class Hotel "3 stars".

          - Cost: from 30-35 million CZK (1.3 million euros or 1.6 million dollars),
          - Number of rooms: 50,
          - Staff: 5-10; administrator, salesperson, cook, cleaner, 3-5 people at the reception,
          - Meals: breakfast only or three times a day in the presence of a restaurant / dining room,
          - Clientele: usually tourists from middle-income countries,
          - Yield: 8.10 percent per year (with a favorable location, the presence of restaurants and other advantages yields could rise to 12% per annum).

Hotel class "4-5 stars."

          - Cost: 100 million CZK (4 000 000 euro or 5 000 000 dollars),
          - Number of rooms: from 50 to 180,
          - Staff: 20 people,
          - Food: full three-time delivery to the rooms,
          - Yield: calculated individually,

          - Information: These hotels are selected for a specific application, before the transaction a detailed audit is carried out in full compliance with the confidentiality and security of the agreed payment in advance.

If you are interested in the question of your hotel business organization acquisition by buying the hotel, our experts will consult you in details- you only need to call us. You may find it interesting to learn about other types of finished business in the Czech Republic.

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