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The deportation of the Czech Republic

Deportation - the process of forced removal of a particular citizen outside of the state, as well as, in some cases denial to cross the borders of the state. Despite the fact that the migration policy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government officials of the Czech Republic treat truly foreigners of Slavic origin (compared with its immediate neighbors) , but the last one use and even abuse this loyalty very often. Deportation migratory immigration prisons are filled with Czech immigrants with expired visas, lost passports, unpaid taxes, non-existent address of residence, fake bank cards and unpaid fines. The list is long, but it is the reality. In practice each of these disorders causes a criminal trial (examination), legal proceedings and the deportation of the Czech Republic.

The most common reasons for deportation from the Czech Republic:

  • Inconsistency between a purpose of stay and real activity.
  • Violation of the visa terms, untimely visa extension.
  • Inconsistency between registered address and real living.
  • Absence or non-compliance with terms of the contract of medical insurance.
  • Fake or non-existent bank documents (card, account statement).
  • Illegal social benefits on different basis (for example, a marriage).

Deportation from the country is not the worst consequence of the above violations. In some cases  these offenses cause not only administrative, but also criminal liability, the trial court, and even imprisonment.

The consequences of deportation

Depending on how offense is one deportation from the Czech Republic can not be limited to the case. Negative consequences can be very different from a simple expulsion from the country for a period of more than 5 years and huge penalties, which the offender must  pay after the expulsion, and even imprisonment in the Czech deportation prison, in which by the way, the offender pays all costs about 300 CZK (or 12 euros) per day, and these figures can be very impressive due to the speed of processing and the number of  cases in the court.

How to prevent deportation

Our company has wide experience in cases connected with the deportation of citizens outside the Czech Republic. The only advice we can give to avoid this very expensive and a very unpleasant consequences of the process: check the information. When you register a company, when you start to pay taxes, when you want to change the status of residence permit (for example, with a student visa to work one) , when you register health insurance and order a certificate of clear record, always check the new information in a few reliable sources. If you are offered for a few days to prepare all the documents for getting a residence permit, or in 15 minutes to make a police clearance certificate for the signature and seal of the Ministry of Interior of your home country, please think over. It is not difficult to agree and do all this things - it will be difficult to avoid deportation with forged documents. In addition, a lot of companies in Prague offer this service as "a guaranteed return to the country after being deported." No organization can not provide any legal guarantees of return to the country after deportation. Legal practice shows that the return to the country is almost impossible, at least for 5 years after the deportation. One of the reasons that you should apply to our company in the case of administrative expulsion from the country is our honesty and clarity of relations with the law. All manipulations connected with the paperwork, the interaction with the trial lawyers, preparation of applications and appeals to the court, and many others made with you and, if you want you can check documents by your independent lawyer or attorney.
We are ready to provide any assistance or consultation on issues of deportations, closing visa, refusal to cross the border and many others. Contact us - we can help.



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