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The company VISACZ has proved as one of the best real estate agencies. For more than 10 years of successful work - we have a wide experience in the solution of issues of rent, purchasing and sales a real estate in Prague and in the Czech Republic. Take advantage of our services in very reasonable prices. Our catalog always has the best offers of commercial real estate, residential real estate and land that will give you a regular income in the Czech Republic. All our offers have a detail description of the object, clear structure and current photos. Always you can use our property search and we are sure - you will find what you are looking for; also you can order a service - "selection of real estate on customer's requirements".

Our specialists carefully exploring the real estate market of the Czech Republic and always have the database of objects. Furthermore, our specialists know everything about the promotion of developers, they select for our customers the most liquid options and lawyers of our company always carefully check the contract – it will save your time and money. We will find for you the real estate object on the basis of your requirements.

Citizens of other countries can purchase a real estate in the Czech Republic due to economic stability of the country. It is important to note here that authorities protect the property right. Currently, the Czech Republic is one of the most "open" European countries for business development. Also in the most difficult years for economy, the investment in real estate considered one of the safety ways to invest money, because the risks are almost going to zero and to lose the acquired real estate is extremely difficult. The real estate prices in the Czech Republic are steadily increased.
Based on Czech legislation, a foreigner has rights to buy a real estate with registration in two ways as an individual person (based on the permanent residence), and the legal entity (Limited Liability Company). It is enough for foreigner to register a company (s.r.o.) in the Czech Republic to get opportunities to buy cheap real estate in the Czech Republic. Our company provides the services for registration and other step is support the company, also the services of real estate management.

Advantages of purchasing real estate

If a person has acquired a real estate in the Czech Republic he can get a multiple visa to the Czech Republic, on the basis of the ownership of a real estate in the Czech Republic. This type of visa is available for a period of 180 days with the right to stay on the territory of the Czech Republic up to 90 days or 360 days with the right to stay in the territory of the Czech Republic up to 180 days. An official document confirming ownership of the real estate is an extract from the Real Estate Cadastre.

In case of purchase a property by our company, execution the package of documents on multiple visa basis on the ownership of a real estate – goes as a gift.



The cost of real estate in the Czech Republic

When the Czech Republic joins the EU and Schengen countries, the prices for real estate here have significantly increased. However, despite of this growth, currently it is possible to buy a real estate by lower price in comparison with others more developed countries of Europe. Czech Republic is one of the best options for the Russian-speaking citizens, owing to similarity of culture and language, high standard of living with affordable prices, the stability of the economy and the possibilities to get the authorities of the property.

Today, buying a house or an apartment in the Czech Republic - is primarily a profitable investment, the reason of the stable Czech property market. Buy real estate in Prague now - it means to invest money profitably. Prague – is business and cultural center with lots of available and liquid offers, steadily growing city. The geographical position allows keeping the tourist business in Prague at a high level, in other words flow of foreign tourists constantly increase and there is an opportunity to earn on it.

Such cities like Prague or Karlovy Vary – are the perfect places to invest money. And, despite the fact that Prague - not only one of the most beautiful cities, but also the largest administrative center of the Czech Republic and Karlovy Vary - one of the best resorts in Europe, the value of property here will be slightly higher than in the more distant cities and regions of the country. The approximately average market price of the two-bedroom apartment in Prague – is 150 000 euros, in Karlovy Vary – is 130 000 euros, in the suburb of Prague - 100 thousand euros

Real Estate Classification:

1) Residential real estate. It’s all objects that are suitable for human habitation. In general - apartments in the apartment blocks and private cottages.
2) Commercial real estate: retail and offices premises, industrial premises and warehouses, shops, hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, hotels.

  • Residential real estate

It is two ways to get profits from residential real estate: renting the property and resale the property. Residential real estate is a great interest for the Russian- speaking citizens, because of the information that the residential real estate is always relevance and reliable way to preserve the capital.

Let’s consider a simple example, the purchase two-rooms apartment 2KK in the Prague-5 district, 53 m2 for 2 900 000 CZK (example only for orientation). Rents the apartment for 17 000 CZK include the utilities payments, this year in Czech Republic the prices for rent was increased. To cover all necessary utilities payments takes around 3500 CZK per a month, from the amount. The net income per a month is 13 500 CZK. Also in any convenient time, you can sell this property or purchase a second property in hypothec, the hypothec will be covered by income of renting the first real estate. Thus, you will get two nice apartments in the Czech Republic. Even if you are not living in Czech Republic, you can always use the service”Management of Real Estate”.

The house under construction, under construction residential complexes – one of the most profitable options for investment. “Join to the building” – it means to purchase the property for the best price. When the object will be completed, the price of the property will increase immediately, so you have already get advantage. Moreover “join into the construction” also get the other benefits, such as: design the flat, select the floor, select the view (north-south).

Number of floors - it is important factor and in most cases, it has effects on the price of the apartment. Apartments located on the first floor – significantly lower in comparison with the price of other variants. However, you can purchase the first floor for office or get a permit to open the shop or café; also in future you can sale it like a running profitable business or commercial premises.

Don’t worry about the fact that apartments under construction complexes won’t be completed in time. In the Czech Republic, these risks are minimized, as well as risks of substandard construction.
Resale property – is a good option, for future renting these apartments. The price of an apartment will be lower compare to new buildings, however the price for rent will be cheaper than in modern complexes, but it will exclude the moment of “ideal” of your real estate. Base on statistic the resale property for 10-20% cheaper than similar in new buildings.

Czech Republic is an attractive country for profitable investments. There is almost always a demand for housing. Purchasing of residential real estate – is the preservation of capital.
You have opportunities to buy a property by company, renting the property is a permanent, stable and profitable business. Basis on this fact it is possible to apply for a review the documents for permit residence in the Czech Republic.
Czech Republic is in the TOP of 10 countries, where currently profitable to buy a real estate. A potential investor can make a good profit on the purchasing of residential real estate, in case after deal will make it into the category of non-residential.

The company’s specialists VISACZ due to the experience and knowledge of real estate market in the Czech Republic, will help you to invest funds wisely and find the residential real estate of your requirements, competent prepared a legal part of issue and make a deal of “purchase and sale”. 

  • Commercial real estate

This year has deeply increased the demand for commercial real estate.

Commercial premises oriented for business, trade and various entertainments in a megacity, therefore, the investor can get a regular income from the rental of the premises, in which he makes the investment. Despite the fact that the initial investment in commercial real estate is usually considerably higher than in the residential, however such deposits make profits fast and regularly.

Commercial premises, compare to residential, are usually goes for long-term rental, approximately for 5-10 years.
Purchasing the commercial real estate is necessary to check:

  • Location. The object should be in developed infrastructure area.
  • Parking places. Especially if this premises will be used for an office, restaurant or coffee shop.
  • Relevance.
  • Payback. In this question, you should focus on rental price and potential tenants.
  • Competent and legal registration of documents.
  • Permits for use of commercial premises.

Investing money in a standard office premises is not a good idea due to the low competitiveness of this kind of facilities. The only way to get a good income from this type of purchase – is to rent an office in the central part of the city with high possibility or acquire an office for your business and future work opportunities.

Purchasing of commercial premises of company funds also possible. Letting the commercial premises for the long-term rental, getting the stable income, regarded as a valid and profitable business will give you the right to obtain a permit residence in the Czech Republic.

The commercial real estate invest requires a certain knowledge and skills. The company’s specialists VISACZ are ready to answer all your questions and offer the most relevance and quickly paid back object of commercial real estate in the Czech Republic.

On our site, you can find many great deals of purchasing and selling the commercial real estate.

For further information please contact us by phones +420 96 777 4444, +420 96 777 5555, +420 96 777 2222 or write us.

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