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VISACZ proved as one of the best real estate agencies - we have a wide experience in the solution of questions of rent, buying and real estate sale in Prague and in the Czech Republic. You can use our services at very reasonable prices. There are hundreds of very different offers in our catalogue. Use our property search and we are sure - you will find what you are looking for.

Citizens of other countries can buy real estate in the Czech Republic due to economic stability authorities of the country; moreover there is protecton of property right that is very important. Nowadays the Czech Republic is one of the most "open" European countries for business development. On the basis of the Czech legislation a foreigner has the right to buy real estate with registration both as the individual person (based on permanent residence) and the legal entity (Limited Liability Company). It is enough for a foreigner to register a company (SRO) in the Czech Republic in order to buy cheap real estate in the Czech Republic.Our company provides services for registration and next support of the company and also services in management of real estate.

The property value in the Czech Republic

When the Czech Republic joins the EU and Schengen countries property prices have noticeably increased here. However, despite this growth, nowadays you can buy a property at lower prices than in other more developed countries of Europe. Today, buying a house or an apartment in the Czech Republic - is a profitable investment. Buy real estate in Prague now means to invest money profitably. Geographical location allows keeping the tourist business in Prague at a high level in other words flow of foreign tourists constantly increases, so there is an opportunity to earn on it.
Such cities as Prague or Karlovy Vary are the perfect places where you can buy cheap properties. And, despite the fact that Prague - not only one of the most beautiful cities, but also the largest administrative center of the Czech Republic, and Karlovy Vary - one of the best resorts in Europe, the property value here will be slightly higher than in the more distant cities and regions of the country . The approximate average market price of the two-room apartment in Prague — 100 000 euros, in Karlovy Vary — 80-90 thousand euros, in the suburb of Prague — 60-80 thousand euros.

Commercial Property

As any developed country, the Czech Republic attracts foreign investments that create new jobs and, as a consequence, improve the economic factors of the country as a whole. Commercial property is an effective decision of the problem. Some of our clients come to us with questions on buying apartments, a hotel and boarding houses because it's really a very profitable investment. The number of foreign tourists in the "heart of Europe" is at a very high level practically all the year round. So why not to buy hotel and not to start the small business? And the hotel is not the only opportunity to earn money on your real.

The main types of commercial property in the Czech Republic:

• Separate apartments, office and commercial premises, warehouses, profitable houses,
• The old profitable houses, old industrial sites for building houses, old hotels, lands for the construction,
• existing hotels, car-care centers, gasoline stations, restaurants, shops, hostels and other objects of ready business,
• Industrial zones, technology parks and other production and investment projects.

On our site you can find many great deals of buying and selling commercial property.

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