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Business for sale in the Czech Republic

Very often clients of our company are interested in the question of buying existing business. There is money and a desire. It remains to determine the activity itself - what business do you start in the Czech Republic? If you start a business, you need to study carefully the market, to understand what field is now in demand (relevant), calculate efficiency, competently register all documents with legal and accounting point of view. The benefit of the buying an existing full formed  business is that everything has been done to you. By the way ready business sales in the Czech Republic - is also a very profitable business :-) Our company is ready to offer you complete information about the offer of buying a small business in the Czech Republic, as well as provide full consulting support and assistance during the transaction and take full control of the object of the transaction.

What kind of business do you start more profitable in the Czech Republic?

We admit that being an entrepreneur in the Czech Republic is much easier than in Russia or Ukraine. Many in Europe want to have a steady income but to decide which businesses start it is not so simple. What business will make a profit? After all, it can be anything according to your preferences and financial capabilities - a grocery store, pharmacy, hotel, consulting, legal or IT-company. There are many options. And if the buyer simply wants to buy an existing business and have a steady income, while he is living in his native country? Question of immigration raises here in which we also can help you. But not everyone wants to leave his home, family and friends. To invest in any business is much cheaper- just leave a good manager and have a stable income. Let's analyze the buying what kind of the business will allow you to do it.


Czech Republic is a beautiful and interesting country, a country of monuments and tourists - a huge tourist place. The basis of the Czech economy is industry and services. Organization of hotel business here can be a very profitable investment, because every year  10,000,000 tourists come here. Details can be found in the article about the purchase of the hotel in the Czech Republic.

The restaurant business (buying a restaurant or cafe)

As profitable business buying a restaurant (cafes, bars, beer) fits perfectly - Czech Republic has always been famous for its cuisine and very impressive percentage of tourists come here just to enjoy the pleasures of cuisine (and of course  enrich culture:-) .  Many factors influence the profitability of the restaurant - well-thought-out business plan, a favorable geographical location, of course, pricing, menu, quality of service and many others. Payback here also depends on many factors and can be from 3 to 10 years.

Speaking about buying or renting a restaurant, as already existing functioning business (it allows to avoid various problems with the collection of permits, licenses, contracts, etc.), then you need to contact our specialists who will help you in choosing a restaurant - we will give you a detailed report of the leased premises, attendance,  history of the restaurant, etc. Ideally the process is as follows: you get a company with a license, rent agreements, equipment and personnel.

If you decide to start a business "from scratch"( greenfield project), then you need to do at least the following:

  • to get a license to open a restaurant;
  • to find a non-residential premises, to sign a contract on his rent with the host (The longer, the better) and pay the tax for the previous 1-3month;
  • Conduct a minor or major repairs and if necessary do interior design;
  • enter into a contract with the municipal services of water supply, electricity, gas, etc .;
  • Conduct a telephone line;
  • buy commercial and technological equipment;
  • choose the staff and teach computer system of the restaurant;
  • find partners and conclude an agreement with them for the supply of high-quality food and beverages;
  • invest in advertising their institution (website, brochures, flyers, business cards, promotions, banners, etc.);
  • create and print a varied menu.

Buying a property and renting it out

There are two ways of doing this business: leasing of commercial real estate and renting residential property.

1. Apartment house (Multi-family residential). It means: buy a house (before or after reconstruction), in which flats are let (rented). The cost of the building depends on the presence and quantity of already signed contracts with tenants, the carried-out or not carried out repair, drawing up a business plan. Approximate cost is 75 million kroons. Payback can vary from 8% to 12% per annum. The ground floors are often rented for offices / shops / restaurants / cafes (in this case it can be 12% payback).
2. Office rooms / buildings. The essence is the same. Usually they are sold already with long-term tenants. It is possible equity investors in the construction. The investment is more profitable, because builders look for tenants themselves and filled with 75-100% (depending on location) by the momemt of delivery of the object. The cost of buying a modern office building - 40 000 CZK per square meter. Rent cost - about 450 CZK per square meter + utilities and service. Payback about 8-10 percent per annum.
3. Buying shop. Many businessmen arrive to the Czech Republic, buy rooms under the shop, find suppliers and finally earning some money. From a legal and bureaucratic point of view it is much easier than buying the same restaurant where each dish must be justified, without mentioning checks of various instances.

You can view the best deals of buying commercial property on our site.



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