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Support for foreigners in the Czech Republic

In connection with the tightening policy of the Czech Republic the cases of various unforeseen, unusual situations connected with getting a residence permit, the loss of the passport, expired visas and penalties, late registration in the Czech Police and many other nuances for foreign people  increase in recent time.

Such situations are difficult to classify - as a rule, they do not belong to any particular type of service, being more adaptive problems than legal or bureaucratic. Call for an appointment, to take a statement, be on time, to change the license, fill out a form - very often our clients are interested in such services. In this regard, we offer our clients this type of services as "Support of foreigners in the Czech Republic."

Our experts with their years of experience, a high degree of professionalism and responsibility to the client promptly help you to solve all your household problems requiring urgent solutions, save time, money and energy.

List of services "Support Foreigners":

  • assistance in working with Date skhrankoy (datová schránka), activation, getting passwords, support,
  • assistance in getting OPENCARD in Prague,
  • help in finding business partners,
  • compiling an explanatory notes (žádost o prominutí lhůty) in the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic,
  • and correspondence (odvolání) and the preparation and filing of a complaint (stižnost) in the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic,
  • the provision of legal or physical address (residence permit in the Czech Republic),
  • Late submission of documents and a report on visa extension,
  • drawing up statements to the police about an expired visa in the Czech Republic (Late submission of documents and report to the police),
  • notice the responsible authorities about the change of residence, place of employment or transfer to another university,
  • advice and assistance in getting professional licenses and concessions,
  • assistance in conducting telephone conversations with various agencies (police, Ministry of Internal Affairs, the magistrate, etc.),
  • registration of foreigners in the Czech Police within three days after crossing the border,
  • help filling out various forms and profiles (except for specific, requiring specialized knowledge),
  • assistance in negotiations with the management of educational or preschool institutions in the city of Prague (maximum of 3 school / preschool institution) when placing the child in them,
  • consulting assistance in the registration of the vehicle in Prague and change the driver's license,
  • help when sending documents to any type of mail.

If from my own experience you think that can add our list of services "Support for foreigners in the Czech Republic" with somehow missing item, we'll be very grateful.
Contact us you can at the numbers listed in the section "Contacts" or write a letter to the post In person to our office with a need to have a passport.



Prague-1, New Town,
Vodichkova str., 791/41,
110 00, office 312-313


+420 777 96 2222
+420 777 96 4444
+420 777 96 5555
+420 224 15 2760
+420 224 15 2050 (fax)



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