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Homepage / What we offer - Our service / Company Registration in Czech Republic

Company Registration

When you open s.r.o in the Czech Republic, you will provide services like a legal entity and in the same time you will become the owner of the listed company, moreover you will get infinite possibilities.

Are you considering opening a business in the Czech Republic?

It is important to determine the type of activities of your business in Czech Republic and to obtain the necessary license.

Legal entity status in the Czech Republic will give you the opportunities to:

  • to get a bank loan for business development;
  • to get a mortgage credit for the purchase of commercial or residential real estate;
  • to buy a real estate in the Czech Republic and to arrange apurchase on a company to refund VAT(DPH)
  • to buy a car for a company and to arrange refund of VAT (DPH), 21% of the total cost.

Opening the Ltd (s.r.o.) company in the Czech Republic is one of the common way to get the short-term visa (up to 90 days) and long-term visa (over 90 days) type D.

What you need to know before the registration of a company?

If you will choose to get a long term visa (residence permit) in the Czech Republic over 90 days (type D), on the basis of opening a company in the Czech Republic, note that you have to be a director (get a status of director) of this company. In the Czech company director can be one or several persons. Another option can be: you have a right to be a co-founder of the company, however you have got a status of director- it is a main and required condition to get a long term visa (type D) in the Czech Republic.

In 2014 the size of the minimum registered capital of the company has been changed. Today the minimum registered capital amount 1CZK (before 200 000 CZK). If you plan to apply for a long-term visa in the Czech Republic (over 90 days), it is recommended to have a higher amount of the minimum registered capital (e.g. 200 000 CZK).

Having a long term visa over 90 days (type D), on the basis of participation in a legal entity in the Czech Republic, you have aright to apply for an extension of this type of visa in the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic and you do not have to leave the country. You will get a residence permit in the Czech Republic and you will get the plastic card “Long term resident permit” after completing the procedure of extension.

Highly qualified specialists of our company VISACZ s.r.o. have years of experience in the field of registration companies in the Czech Republic and have already helped to open a large number of companies, which today are running a business and making it profitable to the owners. We provide for you this kind of services:

  •    assistance to open aprofitable business in the Czech Republic;
    •     assistance to obtain a company license (of different complexity);
    •     providing assistance for tracking and managing the company;
    •     assistance to make changes to the statutory documents of the company;
    •    the full company’s renewal (purchase and sale);
    •    increasing the registered capital of the company;
    •     changes in the legal address of the company;
    •     addition of new activities;
    •     input –output the data of co-founders (co-founder), director;
    •    percentage change between the co-founders of the company;
    •     change the company’s name;
  •     providing a registered address for the company on the territory of the Czech Republic -«sidlo firmy»;
  •     providing the nominee director for the company;
  •     providing a credit for the registered capital of the company;
  •     providing the accounting services for the company;
  •     providing services of company liquidation;
  •     providing services toarrange the purchase and sale, torent any real estate on the company and tomanage it.

Company VISACZ s.r.o. provide for you unique services:

  • acquisition of running business in the Czech Republic (purchase and sale of running company's “Ltd”)
  • purchase the part of running business in the Czech Republic (co-owner)

We will find you the best offer depending on your disposable funds (investments) and business activity (type of business). Also, you can get a profit from your investments without personal involvement in the business. Please note, that based on the acquisition of the stock of the company, you have opportunities to apply and to get a long term residence in the Czech Republic, basis on the participation in a legal entity in the Czech Republic.

All necessary information about the purchasing a business in the Czech Republic you will get after we received a written request from you with all requirements.

The price of the company in the Czech Republic depends on several factors:

  • the number of members of the company;
  • difficulty to obtain license;
  • range of amount for registered capital of the company;
  • registration time (urgency of work
  • if necessary the service of court interpreter;
  • if necessary to provide a legal address;

The lawyer's services for statutory registration and other necessary documents for submitting to Trade License Office of the Czech Republic for registration (set up) or re-registration (add any changes) the company are cost from 9000 CZK.

What documents are required to register a company in the Czech Republic?

To be prepared and registered the package of documents by lawyers of the company VISACZ s.r.o., you need to provide us the following documents:

  • photocopies of 1 and 2 pages of foreign passport with photo and signature
  • original birth certificate or a copy certified by a notary (mother's maiden name);
  • the criminal record certificate from the country of your permanent residence with an apostille, except for citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova;
  • allocation percentages between the co-founders of the company (if the co-founders  are  2 or more);
  • the power of attorney for registration the company from each co-founder;
  • the power of attorney by responsible person for registered capital;
  • a director’s statement;
  • a statement of director’s signature;
  • the appointment of the director (a director also can be a co-founder of the company);
  • index and the home address of permanent residence of all members of the company;
  • 4 options for company’s name (Latin letters).

The process of registering a company in the Czech Republic:

1. Company VISACZ executes the agreement with you to provide a service of the registration of the company in the Czech Republic (in the agreement will be clear prescribed a package of services: ECONOMY, BUSINESS, VIP). On the basis of this agreement you will make an advance payment the range of 70% of the total price of provided services, by bank transfer or cash in our office.

2. The VISACZ lawyer’s prepared for you the following power of attorney:

  • If you are located in the CIS, the power of attorney is drawn up in Russian language and sent on your email address. You should print it and certify by notary.
  • If you are located in the Czech Republic, the power of attorney is drawn up by lawyers in Czech language, you are signing it and certify by Czech notary.

The power of attorney must be signed by each member of the firm.

3. The following documents you send by express mail to the registered address of VISACZ:

  • the criminal record certificate from the country of your permanent residence, no longer than 1 month with an apostille, except citizens from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Moldova.(original or certified copy);
  • birth certificate (certified copy);
  • signed a power of attorney (notarized);
  • the original certificate from the bank, that on your bank account available the funds no less of 7000 €, certificate has to be no longer than 1 month( in case you are apply for long-term visa at the same time).

4. After getting the necessary documents, our lawyers will draw up for your company statutory documents, which are the main documents for company registration. During the next three working days you have to send the second part of the payment.

At your request for extra charge, we will send on your e-mail address scan of company’s statute translated into Russian language.

5. The lawyers of VISACZ will draw up a license for your company, collect the common package of documents and register your company in the Commercial Register of the Czech Republic.

6. According to the Law, after the company has been registered in the Commercial Register, it gives 30 days for registered of it with the tax authorities of the Czech Republic.

7. After the company's registration, we will send the following confirmation on your e-mail:

  • an extract from the Commercial Register translated into Russian language;
  • an extract from Trade License Office translated into Russian language;

8. By the last step VISACZ sends you the package of documents, on the basis of signed agreement, about the company's registration and a package of necessary documents for business visa, if this service ordered.

Register a company with the tax authorities in the Czech Republic

Registration of the company with the tax authorities is required, within the established time frame by law up 30 days after the registration of the company in the Trade Register in the Czech Republic.

The letter will be send with the activation of “data box” to the address of director of the company after the company’s registration in the Commercial Register

“Data box” (datová schránka) - is an information system of public administration, which is a network of authorized electronic boxes, by which exchange of documents between citizens legal persons and various public authorities is carried out . This electronic version of the document has exactly the same legal force as the classic paper form.

The accountant activates the "data box" of your company and register with the tax authorities this company.

Also it will be possible to register with the tax authorities of the Czech Republic personally (by director of the company) and to provide all necessary documents to the tax authorities of the Czech Republic.

Please note! The service of maintenance of the company’s accounting in our company is providing by “Daňový poradce”(Tax advisor) –Ing. Lucie Vaclavkova.

"Registration of the company with the tax authorities of the Czech Republic" the price for this service for customers who enter into a contract for the maintenance of accounting services for firm is: 2000 CZK without VAT.

For customers who do not enter into a contract for the service of the company's accounting, the price is 4000 CZK without VAT.

Obtaining a VAT registration number in the tax authorities of the Czech Republic

To register with the tax authorities in the Czech Republic as a taxpayer with VAT, you have to observe the following rules, established by the tax legislation of the Czech Republic: the registered office shouldn’t be virtual,  it has to be a real office with the city number and the secretary, as well as you have to provide a rental agreement for this office place, moreover you have to provide an agreement with companies (with which you will cooperate), also you have to describe and to provide a business plan of the company for next year or for 2 years.

It will be the same requirements for a European registration as a taxpayer with VAT, but in this case, it is also required to provide in the tax authorities of the Czech Republic contract with partners in other countries. All documents, regardless of the original language of drawn up and signed, must be translated and certified by a court interpreter into Czech language.

There is another way to obtain registration as a taxpayer with VAT in the tax authorities of the Czech Republic. As soon as the company will make the turnover of the bank equal 1 million CZK, you have to inform the tax authorities of the Czech Republic about this high turnover and the tax authorities will automatically give the registration of taxpayer with VAT. After you will get a registration of a taxpayer with VAT in the Czech Republic, you may to apply for VAT registration.

Please note! The service of maintenance of the company’s accounting in our company is providing “Daňový poradce”(Tax advisor) – by Ing. Lucie Vaclavkova.

  • “Daňový poradce” (Tax advisor) – the highest degree of accounting in EU.

For foreigners, whose plan to make their business in the Czech Republic as a legal entity, whose plan to hire employees and pay them a salary, it will be useful to know that the wage fund in the Czech Republic is taxing by the following rates.

Co-founder. Legal entity

It is possible to register a company in the Czech Republic in which a legal entity is a person from another country. To do this, it is necessary to:

  1. To provide the company charter, an extract from the commercial register, an extract from the licensing chamber of a company in the original with an apostille.

  2. The commercial law of the Czech Republic must coincide and should not contradict the trade legislation of the country of permanent residence of your co-founder.

  3. If there is discrepancy between the laws, the trade register of the Czech Republic reserved the right to refuse registration of your company.

Translations of documents into the Czech language must be done by a court interpreter. VISACZ company will do it for you.

There were no refusals in registration of such companies in our experience, but we cannot guarantee the registration, since the court has the right to refuse registration of a company without justifiable reasons.

There will be no problems in opening accounts if a legal entity, who is from another country will be registered in Commercial Register of the Czech Republic.

Purchase of a ready-made company

There are a lot of options in acquisition of a ready-made companies, as some companies are dormant. The process of liquidation of the company is quite expensive, that is why owners prefer to re-register a firm to another owner.

Sometimes this process takes more time in comparison with registration of a new company in the Czech Republic, and the expenditures are almost equivalent to the registration of a new company. The new owner has certain risks when he conducts a transaction, because even a "Daňový poradce"(Tax advisor) can’t fully check the company for the absence of debts in all the bodies.

It happened in our practice that there were outstanding debts in the state bodies of the Czech Republic, informative data on the special control of this firm after such kind of re-registration of the company and the assumption of duties by a new director.

Please remember that when you acquire a company, you sign a document stating that you are completely informed about this company. It is impossible to avoid the signing of this document, since without this document, the process of re-registration cannot be finished.

Furthermore, if you think that by acquiring a ready-made company it will somehow facilitate the process of obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic because of the long history of the company, this is a profound misconception that comes from incompetent specialists. This information is true only if you purchase a real and operating business.

After a company will finish the process of re-registration for the Czech state bodies, for Embassy, and for banks of the Czech Republic, this firm will be regarded as a new company. The previous history of the firm does not affect you, but the debts of the firm will be transferred directly to you.

The main advantage of acquiring a ready-made company is the availability of a share capital.

There are several rules that can help you to reduce the risks of buying a low-quality operating company:

  1. Get access to the company's data box before starting the process of re-registration and get acquainted with the history. It is highly likely that you will find letters with supervisory authorities of the Czech Republic.

  2. Contact the accountant of the company and ask for a relevant confirmation - absence of firm's debts from the public authorities of the Czech Republic: taxation, social security and medical insurance.

  3. Independently check the company that is being offered for sale, as well as submitted annual accounting report through the website

Attention please! It is extremely difficult to purchase a working company with a good history in the Czech Republic, just because the owners will not sell such companies!

Registration of a company in the Czech Republic or re-registration of a company is not an easy process. It happens all the time that customers register a firm or buy a shelf company with a lot of weaknesses that undoubtedly need to be corrected, and therefore they have to spend money and time for this job again. In most cases these costs could be avoided.

That is why VISACZ specialists strongly recommend you to apply only to reliable companies with years of experience, who are responsible for the entire registration process: from writing the company charter and obtaining licenses: VAT registration number for the company is performed with knowledge of the laws in a clearly agreed time.

Send us an e-mail and we will provide you detailed information.

If you would like to obtain more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us by phone +420 777 96 4444, +420 777 96 5555, +420 777 96 2222 or e-mail.

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