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Homepage / What we offer - Our service / Health insurance in the Czech Republic

Health insurance in the Czech Republic

Company VISACZ assists in the design of health insurance in the Czech Republic. We are an official partner of the largest known, and most importantly accredited insurance companies - VZP, Uniqa, Slavia, IPA, Victoria - whose contracts are taken in the consulates and the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic in extending and applying for a visa. Also here you can order a complex medical insurance for the visa that covers all costs conneced with the treatment in the Czech Republic.

VISACZ is an authorized representative of the largest insurance companies and  has the appropriate license from the National Bank of the Czech Republic. Show license.

On January 1, 2011 a law №378 / 2009 "amending the Act in connection with the adoption of the law on insurance for foreigners temporarily residing in the Czech Republic" began to work which was replaced by the law №326 / 2009 «About the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic and Amendments in some other laws. " The requirements for health insurance for foreigners in the Czech Republic changed. From this point on the extension of visa or applying for a residence permit in the Czech Republic a foreigner must attach to the application comprehensive medical policy insurance from an accredited Czech company for the duration of long-term residence permit. Separately you must mention the insurance for a visa to the Czech Republic to stay more than 90 days. Before getting a visa foreigner is obliged to show an international insurance company that has the right to apply them in the Czech Republic. Also the foreigner is obliged to show a document on payment of the insurance premium specified in this policy.

Remote registration of an insurance

Very often  when applying for a visa difficulties arise  connected with health insurance. You have collected a full set of documents, came to the interview, but you was told that your policy did not (meet) conform the requirements of the consulate, the size of the coating did not fit or it  was generally issued by non-accredited insurance company which policies don't conform to requirements of consulate. But as a rule, in a building of the Czech consulate office it is located a suitable organization that meets all the requirements and ready to execute all documents urgently, of course, at a price higher than the market. Because of it VISACZ  provides the service of remoting registration of an insurance in the Czech Republic. The process is as follows:

  1. You send to our email copy of the first page of the passport and a copy of the page of the passport with a valid visa and residence permit in the Czech Republic,
  2. In a letter to indicate the date from which the insurance contract is valid, and also the desired period of validity. If you have previous insurance, then attach it to the letter a copy,
  3. You pay the full amount of services through the Internet bank, registered mail or express mail,
  4. Within 24 hours of receiving from you all the necessary documents, information and payment, we will send you the insurance agreement and all related documents.

Accredited insurance companies of the Czech Republic

Show the list

Health Service

Medical services in the Czech Republic is the pleasure not only paying, but also quite expensive. In this regard, very well-developed system of general health insurance organized in the country. It means that if a person makes regular payments to the insurance fund, the company- insurer takes over all expenses for his treatment completely, and in the future he does not care about the price of medical services and medicines.

Foreigners with permanent residence who can get free medical insurance

  • pensioners,
  • women in the post-natal leave,
  • women with one child under the age of 7 years,
  • Women who have two children under the age of 15 years,
  • Children (a child is a person under the age of 26 years, provided that he is studying).

Payment for services at the doctor

In the case of absence of patient‘s health insurance for all kinds of services (especially foreign) very often people have to go to the doctor and pay for services directly at the reception. The cost of these services is often a very considerable sum. For example, a dentist will require  at least 800 CZK for tooth extractions or installation of seals. Ophthalmologist or ENT will examine  you not less than 600 CZK. Consultation of the gynecologist will cost approximately 500 CZK.

It should also be noted the moment as a sudden illness. Some diseases, such as conjunctivitis or appendicitis can occur suddenly and will require immediate treatment or at least consult a good specialist. According to the agreement between the two countries, first aid for foreign is free. But there is an internal decision of the Ministry of Health, which allows doctors to charge not a small fee for emergency care. But if a sudden illness is a very subjective concept. And even if first aid and medical services will be provided free, the drugs, medicines and various medications must be paid by the patient themselves. Therefore you do not rely on free treatment of pneumonia or other serious diseases in the Czech Republic. Therefore, our company (like many others) still advises to insure yourself and conclude an agreement with an accredited, well-known and reliable company. Call (420) 777 96 2222 or send an email to our mail - our experts will consult you on any matters of insurance for the visa in the Czech Republic.

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