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Homepage / What we offer - Our service / Accounting services in the Czech Republic

Accounting services in the Czech Republic

Accounting is an obligatory activity, that have to be accompany of the running of any business in the Czech Republic, regardless of size, turnover, staff and specific work. After the opening of the company or entrepreneur in the Czech Republic, accounting becomes an important part of any activity, regardless of the volume of documents and funds. A competent, highly qualified accountant is the basis for the successful development of your business.

How to choose an accountant in the Czech Republic?

What to look for when choosing an accountant in the Czech Republic:

1) Education;
2) Qualification - Daňový poradce;
3) Length of service;
4) Licenses;
5) Accounting program.

To maintain the company's accounting service, we recommend contacting only those who received a higher accounting education in the Czech Republic, namely higher education, not accounting courses.
The highest degree in the Czech Republic of accountants is the title - Daňový poradce. This is a person who has graduated in the Czech Republic, as well as passed exams that confirm the qualification of an accountant in the Czech Republic. An accountant with the title of " Daňový poradce" is responsible for the providing services, all reports will be compiled, submitted on time and signed personally by itself. Check this information easily, every " Daňový poradce" in the Czech Republic has its own personal number, which indicates in each document, invoice, reporting.
Note! You do not have to sign reports - this is the direct work of the accountant! The annual accounts must be the signature by your accountant, in this case, the accountant assumes responsibility for the performed work.
Also recommend paying attention to the length of services of the accountant, for the license availability - Předmět podnikání to provide of accounting services.
Example: The license to provide accounting services: činnost účetních poradců, vedení účetnictví, vedení daňové evidence.
The license of "Daňový poradce" - činnost daňových poradců.
In case the accountant doesn’t work alone, but has a responsible representative person of him (odpovědný zástupce), then the accountability for the work will take the guarantor. Recommend to be sure that your account will be handled by the person with whom the agreement is made, and not another accountant from the company - the intermediary.
Currently, there are a lot of different accounting programs. We recommend to choose an accountants working in Money S or Pohoda.
At the beginning of cooperation, we also recommend to have an appointment with an accountant to understand and see how he is guided in the offering services, how quickly and competently answers to the posed questions.

Zero balance reporting

Zero balance, to be more precise, zero reporting is a set of accounting and tax reporting of an enterprise, that did not provide any activity.
The surrender of zero-reporting becomes an important task, as well as problem of the absence of a competent accountant. At the same time - this is a rather time consuming process, requiring not only special knowledge of accounting and subtleties of the Czech legislation, but also a considerable amount of time.
In the Czech Republic, a large number of people who provide services for the preparation and delivery of the zero balance reporting, to say "economical option", after the completion of accounting courses, without the right to sign. But no one canceled the incompetence of the executor, the incompleteness of the zero report, the violation of the forms and deadlines for submitting reports, all responsibility in this case rests with the director of the company.
The annual accounting report must be submitted from 1of January to 31 of March.
The exception is "Daňový poradce" they have the right to submit the company's annual accounting report until 30 of June.

Accounting services

The company VISACZ provides accounting services for:

To employee an accountant to the company for full-time in the Czech Republic, is quite expensive. Since 2017, the minimum wage in the Czech Republic is 11,000 CZK. The average salary of a full-time accountant in Prague is 25,000 - 35,000 CZK per month.
The services of "Daňový poradce" start from 8000 CZK per month, and it is almost impossible to take a full-time job "Daňový poradce".
For comparison: the cost of accounting services in our company ranges from 1800 CZK per month, depending on the turnover of the firm, the scope of the document circulation, the number of employees, invoices issued, is company VAT payer is or not, etc.

Accounting, in our company, deals by "Daňový poradce" - Ing. Lucie Vaclavkova.

Our accounting services:

  • Maintaining accounting and tax accounting in the Czech Republic;
  • Activation and control of the “Datová schránka”;
  • (Datová schránka) - is a kind of information electronic box for individuals and legal entities in the Czech language.
  • Establishment of a company for registration in the Czech tax authorities;
  • Restoration of accounting records;
  • Registration of a new employee.
  • Staging employees for registration in social and health insurance authorities;
  • Calculation of wages and related taxes;
  • Quarterly reporting of VAT (DPH - Dan z pridane hodnoty);
  • Monthly reporting to the pension fund (PSSZ) and medical Insurance (VZP);
  • Audit;
  • Tax planning and optimization of taxation;
  • VAT refund;
  • Accounting consultation;
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns;
  • Maintenance of real estate (residential, commercial);
  • Preparation and delivery of the zero reporting/tax declarations;
  • Maintaining accounting in accordance with changing legislation.

To order the accounting services in our company you are safe on:

  • Salary of a full-time accountant (from 20,000 CZK per month),
  • Payment of social package, holidays and other payments to the employee,
  • Payment of taxes on salary (25% of social insurance and 9% of medical insurance),
  • Organization or lease of a working place,
  • Purchase of an accounting program (up to 20,000 CZK).

Accounting services in VISACZ company:

  1. Maintaining accounting deals by "Daňový poradce" - Ing. Lucie Vacková. It is noticeable that cost of "management of a firm" service will not change, moreover one of the best accountants of the Czech Republic will consult you!
  2. All the work is performed in Money S program.
  3. Each issued invoice have electronic seals, so-called Quick Response Code.
  4. All reports will be presented within a specified time period with a signature of an accountant with indication of registered number of "Daňový poradce".

We provide any accounting services on an ongoing basis as well as one-time services. VISACZ provide consultation on accounting issues, as well as on nuances of the taxation of the Czech Republic and in accordance with your goals we will offer you programme of cooperation on mutually beneficial terms. Distance work is also possible, because our accountant also informs the clients about need to provide this or that document, and provides recommendations.

 Trust the experts!

Send us an e-mail or contact us +420 777 96 4444, +420 777 96 2222, +420 777 96 5555 and we will be glad to answer all your questions.

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