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Homepage / Information / Stay in the Czech Republic

Stay in the Czech Republic

Since the beginning of 2011, the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes over registration of long-term stays and long-term visas from the  Polices for foreigners. In practice this means that the issues connected with the processing of your stay in the Czech Republic, other bodies will decide. In addition, the system of the attachment of individual sections of the State to the authorities who are responsible for issuing residence of foreigners occurs.

Please contact the Division for the stay of foreigners if:

  • apply for an extension of the long-term visa (application for issuance of the said visa continue served in the consular department of the Embassy of the Czech Republic),
  • apply for a permit for long-term stay or to extend its term,
  • apply for a permanent residence permit,
  • apply for a certificate of temporary stay in the Czech Republic (for citizens of the European Union),
  • get the residence card of a family member or a citizen of the European Union to continue its validity,
  • inform of change in the place of stay in the Czech Republic, if you intend to stay in the new place more than 30 days,
  • apply for a certificate of stay (if you are staying in the Czech Republic on the basis of long-term visas, long-term or permanent residence, or you are a citizen of the European Union or a member of his family, and are temporarily in the Czech Republic).

Foreign Police is responsible for the following issues:

  • registration of a place of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic during the terms established by the Law,
  • assurance invitations,
  • The confirmation of the short stay, or evidence of legal residence in the territory of the Czech Republic (eg for marriage),
  • extension of stay in the Czech Republic on the basis of short-term visas,
  • control of legality to stay in the Czech Republic.

Major changes in the Act on Residence of Foreigners

Legal rules that determine the conditions of arrival of foreigners in the Czech Republic and stay in it, continues to be the "Law on the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic" (Law №326 / 1999 Liberty Laws "On the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic and amending certain other laws ", as amended by subsequent regulations). Last novelization made a number of changes, the most important of which are the following:

Since May 2011, the third-country nationals (does not apply to family members of EU citizens) will be given a residence permit (residence permit) with biometric data. In this regard, you are required to appear before the appropriate division of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the taking of biometric data (facial image and fingerprints). If you are already in the Czech Republic and are applying for a permit to stay, you will receive a summons to appear relevant from the Ministry of the Interior. Then you will be offered to receive a certificate. If you do not receive a certificate of long-term stay permit, registration process will be stopped. If you do not receive a certificate of permanent residence permit, you may be fined! Issued certificates continue valid until the expiry of the action, and then be replaced by biometric identification.

  • New conditions for submitting applications.

For the purpose of applying for a residence permit (both long-term and permanent), you must appear in person at the relevant unit of the Ministry of the Interior.

  • New requirements for a document confirming the residence.

If the application for a residence permit must attach a document confirming the residence, you must submit one of the below mentioned documents:

  1. confirmation that the applicant is the owner of the apartment or house,
  2. confirmation that the applicant has the right to use the apartment or house,
  3. officially certified confirmation of a house or apartment owner or legal tenant that he agrees with the provision of residence of the applicant.

What else other documents as proof of the security of residence are not recognized. Accommodation can be provided only in objects  for residence or vacation.

  • Changing the purpose of stay for business purposes

Change the purpose of stay and indicate in the appropriate box "business" you can only in the case if the foreigner is in the Czech Republic for at least 2 years. These conditions apply to both people intending to start a business as a self-employed persons and people who intend to start a business as members of commercial companies or cooperatives. According to the new rules to the application for granting / extension of business must be applied:

  1. a document confirming that the applicant's monthly income is equal to the living wage and accommodation costs or exceeds them;
  2. document confirming the applicant is in the relevant register, list or a list of accounting (for example, in the register of companies or small businesses);
  3. If the applicant is economically independent person; confirmation issued by the relevant authorities, the absence of tax debts and arrears of social security;
  4. If the applicant does business as a member of a commercial company or cooperative: Confirmation on the absence of the company / cooperative tax arrears and arrears of social security;
  5. at the request of members of the MUP and it is necessary to submit the document on the amount and terms of the income tax.
  •  New requirements for documentation of health insurance for foreigners

* If the applicant ask a permission to stay in the Czech Republic longer than 90 days and for its registration requires a medical insurance for the duration of your stay abroad, then this insurance should cover the costs connected with providing essential and emergency care. The limit of insurance compensation must be at least 60 000 euros. Along with the document of health insurance during your stay abroad and the applicant shall submit an officially certified translation of the contract of insurance and general insurance conditions in Czech. At the request of members of the MUP applicant must also provide proof of payment of insurance for the duration of your stay in the Czech Republic. If the applicant already is in the Czech Republic and submits an application for extension of long-term visa or long-term stay in the territory, then the application must document certifying health insurance during their stay in the Czech Republic, and such insurance should cover the entire range of health services and may be entered into only with the insurance company, which has the right to sell insurance referred to in the Czech Republic.

Deductions for social and health insurance (in CZK):

Gross wages and salaries Social insurance Health insurance Tax in the Tax department Surcharge tax (net tax workers) Costs for company
5 500 1 733 743 0 4 557 7 033
8 000 2 520 1 080 0 7 120 10 720
9 000 2 835 1 215 0 8 010 12 060
10 000 3 150 1 350 40 8 860 13 400
11 000 3 465 1 485 250 9 540 14 740
12 000 3 780 1 620 445 10 235 16 080
13 000 4 095 1 755 655 10 915 17 420
15 000 4 725 2 025 1 045 12 305 20 100
18 000 5 670 2 430 1 660 14 360 24 120
20 000 6 300 2 700 2 050 15 750 26 800

CAUTION The above information is only orientational character - the exact text of the law on the site

The process of reviewing applications for long-term visas / permits for long-term stay, which began before the entry into legal force novella "Aliens Act", will be completed in accordance with legal regulations in force at the time of application.

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