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Homepage / Information / Laws in the Czech Republic

Laws in the Czech Republic

The legislative framework of the Czech Republic - what is useful and necessary to know.

The company offers VISACZ  to learn about the most important laws of the Czech Republic, which are very useful for anyone who lives or is going to move to the Czech Republic. Laws are presented in Russian with all the latest changes.

1. Nový občanský zákoník (7.2 MB, MS Word dokument) - new Civil Code regulates civil and commercial law in part.

2. Zákon o obchodních korporacích (1.9 MB, MS Word dokument) - the law on commercial companies, if you are going or already do business in the Czech Republic - it's the law will be very useful for you.

3. Zákon o mezinárodním právu soukromém (502.8 kB, MS Word dokument) - Law on private international law governing international procedural and private law - civil, family, work and other issues in international relations.

You can get detailed advice on legislation in the Czech Republic or in any legal matters in our office - Prague 1, New Town, ul. Vodickova, 791/41, 110 00, 312-313 office, or by calling +420 777 96 4444 420 777 96 5555 420 777 96 2222

VISACZ s.r.o.

Prague-1, New Town,
Vodichkova str., 791/41,
110 00, office 312-313

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Tel: +420 777 96 2222
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