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The process of appeal for refusal to extend the visa

An appeal for denial of visa extension to the Czech Republic

Refusal of a visa got by phone or e-mail is not an official. Only a letter with the logo MIA (Ministerstvo vnitra) of the Czech Republic, sent to your mailbox and containing original lists (usually - two sheets) in the Czech language, indicating all the data can be an official denial (see sample letter). According to the law from 1 January 2011, except for the above reasons for the refusal of a visa, in the letter it will be written that an appeal can only be submitted within 15 calendar days of receipt of the official refusal letter. An appeal is a legal document that must be in strict compliance with all rules and should not be free plain text contents. In accordance with the provisions of migratory legislation of the Czech Republic an appeal must be made and filled in a certain form with all relevant documents proving your right to review documents.

Our company traces the smallest changes in the schedule and conditions for issuing residence permits, thus owning the most current and accurate information, allows us to hope for success on appeal. But, unfortunately, no one is safe from the refusal to extend a visa or because the Czech Republic in recent years has greatly tightened policy in respect of foreign immigrants. No matter how perfect nor were collected documents, say, on a long-term business visa, the failure rate is very, very high. Today it will tell you any organization dedicated to visa issues in general and appeals in particular. And if you receive a denial, it does not mean that nothing can be changed. Our company has a great experience of many years  in the field of appeal against the decision to deny visas. We can help. But do not forget that we must act quickly - from the receipt of the letter you have just 15 days. In addition, the text of the appeal must be made in Czech language only in accordance with the rules of the Czech legal writing, and therefore requires a minimum of a qualified lawyer, perfectly known Czech language, who can make and submit the appeal on the basis of the power of attorney given by you on his name. In addition, the appeal must be filed only in the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic, not to the Consulate of the Czech Republic in your city (which does not guarantee the transfer of your application during 15 days).

Application should contain information about the applicant (ie, about you), information on non-compliance, the decision made by law or procedure for dealing with documents. During the review of the decision you can not provide and argue with new documents and facts that were not presented at the interview in the Czech consulate as soon as they apply for a residence permit, and you can not change the already transmitted data. According to the law on residence of foreigners in the Czech Republic, the competent authorities should notify the applicant of the results of the new documents within 60 days from the date of receipt of the application.

The process of appeal for refusal to extend the visa

  1.  Immediately when you receive the official refusal letter you contact us and send an email scanned copies of documents received from the Ministry of Interior. In a letter to indicate the exact date and way of receiving the notice (registered letter, email, private reception at the consulate).
  2. Our lawyer studies and analyzes your letter of denial, and immediately notifies you, whether he takes it for the appeal (in some cases, if there are clear violations - the filing of an appeal does not make sense). After your payment during 3-5 days lawyer makes a statement in the Czech language, which focuses on all your existing advantages in collecting documents, interviewing and conditions for getting a visa.
  3. After the applicationis ready, we will send it to your e-mail and our managers consult you by phone or Skype how to sign and send correctly your application to the Czech Republic. Or after the signature you will send it to us along with a notarized power of attorney for our lawyer, who will send himself the application on your behalf.
  4. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Czech Republic must send you a notice with the results of a new review of the documents within 60 days of receiving the application. If  the positive results of the consideration of the application are, you should come to the Consulate to get a long-term visa, before calling the Consulate of the Czech Republic in your city and sign on the phone.

Our services appeal (for 1 person)

  • granting the lawyer and communication with him,
  • review and processing of your documents on the residence permit,
  • preparation and sending of attorney by the lawer for representing the interests of the clients in the competent authorities of the Czech Republic,
  • translation of powers of attorney for the Czech language,
  • making and sending the application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for reconsideration of documents.

In our practice, approximately in half of cases the submitted appeals had positive result.
If you are sure that you take all the documents correctly (if the letter of refusal does not talk opposite things) and you have not a serious mistake in the interview, appeal - the outcome are more likely to be positive.

Reasons for refusal of extension, problems with getting visas to the Czech Republic

List of the most common reasons of denial in the residence permit, the main problems in getting a visa to the Czech Republic, and also the official language in the letter of refusal have not changed for a few years - you can read them in the Czech and Russian variants of the law "On the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic» ? 326 / 1999, in § 56 «Důvody neudělení dlouhodobého víza» («The reasons for the refusal of long-term visa").

Unofficial translation of these reasons:

  1.  foreigner did not appear for an interview at the request of the Ministry of the diplomatic representatives or he has not provided any documents to verify the information contained in the application for long-term visa at certain time, or if this information can not be checked after the interview or analysis of the documents,
  2. a foreigner indicates wrong information in the application for long-term visa,
  3. a foreigner entered in the register of undesirable persons,
  4. The Ministry informes that the costs conneted with living of a foreigner will be paid by the Czech Republic,
  5. a foreigner provided false or changed documents or documents with impotant information is untrue,
  6. a foreigner  indicated only reference number of the application for a work permit to the application for a visa for a stay over 90 days for the purpose of employment and he filed an application for the issuance of the permit at a regional branch of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic, but the employment office of the Czech Republic had not given out such permission,
  7. the facts are established in § 9 of Art. 1 n. A), b), g), h), i) and j),
  8. the facts are established  that the foreigner does not leave the territory at the end of the stay period determined by long-term visa, does not leave the territory, or that he intends to use long-term visa for other purposes  than those are indicated in the application for long-term visa,
  9. before putting long-term visa foreigner has not provided a document on travel medical insurance during their stay in the territory, which fulfills the conditions set in § 180j, and, upon request - certificate of payment of the nsurance premium indicated in the contract of tourist health insurance, apart from cases indicated in § 180j Art. 4,
  10. foreigner's stay in the territory is not in the interests of the Czech Republic or another serious obstacle to the foreigner's stay in the territory set, or
  11. foreigner has not paid the fine or costs appeared in connection with the production carried out in accordance with this Law.

A sample of the Interior Ministry official letter of refusal of a visa



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