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№ D012624

Price: 17 000 000,00 CZK
Living Space: 420
We offer for sale a cozy house for the whole family. We offer you a spacious two-storey family house located in the area called «Mukařov u Říčan. It refers to the district of Prague-East . It is noticeable, that it is a quiet area with spectacular panoramic view for happy family...

№ D012629

Price: 0,00 CZK
Living Space: 400
Великолепная роскошная вилла расположена в эксклюзивном пляже на большом участке на первой линии моря! В саду есть бассейн (20 на 10 м ) и открытая обеденная зона с барбекю . Сад оснащен современной системой орошения . В нем также есть открытый душ и место для хранения всех пляжных...

Buying of new buildings or a cottage in the Czech Republic, houses for rent in Prague are the topics in which our clients are interested in. And the company VISACZ is pleased to help solving these questions.

The variety of prices for such large real estate as houses, cottages, new buildings and hotels is much wider in comparison with the prices of the flats. And this is easily explained by the large number of factors that influence the formation of these prices. For example, buying (or at least rent) houses in Prague is a very serious decision, behind which there is considerable money. Of course, it all depends on the final goals of the buyer, but often most people buy a house just for himself and his family. So, when buying a house or cottage in Prague you need to take into consideration all these things - and the age of the property (and the condition), and its local arrangement (city, district, distance from the center, proximity to main roads), and infrastructure of the selected area (the presence of hypermarkets, entertainment centers, shopping centers), the metric area and the number of floors and rooms and   very many other factors up to the presence of parking.

Our service will help you with selection of  any interested real estate objects and orient you concerning the prices of large real estate (houses, cottages, new buildings in Prague). The list below shows the average market price for a house in Prague, cottages and apartments in new buildings (in different districts of Prague, of course, different prices - the average price are displayed here):

• 2-bedroom apartment in a new building, 70m2 (Prague 3) - 52 000 CZK / m2
• 2-storeyed brick house with 200 m2 (Prague 9) - 8 million CZK

We remind you that the price and the offered objects are provided to form a general idea about the price of real estate in Prague. House prices in different regions of Prague (and beyond) can be from 3 000 000 CZK (for an one-story brick building with an area of  100 m2), and to 80 million CZK for a smart 4-storey cottage with a parking and a swimming pool on a plot of land in 600m2. The same situation is with the apartments: you can find a cozy 2-bedroom apartment in 60m2, Prague 2 –for 20 000 CZK per month, but you can have a  luxury 5-bedroom apartment of 180 m2  in new building in Prague 7, the total value of 4 000 000 CZK.

Also, there is an interesting opportunity to rent a house in Prague. For example, a group of students who celebrate Christmas, can rent a cozy country house for a few days to relax and have fun. Or businessman and his family, who came to the Czech Republic deliberately to buy a house in Prague, wants to rent the house to check whether it is appropriate for his family or not.


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