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Company Registration, opening of the company in the Czech Republic

Company Registration in the Czech Republic - the first step towards the buying real estate and getting one year visa to the Czech Republic. Also when registering with the Licensing Chamber of the Czech Republic, then gettinga license for your business, you can  apply for a residence permit (but  you will not be able to get real estate on this kind even with a residence permit until  getting a permanent residence).
VISACZ will help you in starting a business in the Czech Republic as soon as possible - the whole process takes 2 working days after getting of all your necessary documents to register a company. After registering, you will immediately become a director or a co-founder and act as a legal entity of the Czech Republic.

Documents for registration of the company in the Czech Republic:

  • 1 and 2 photocopies of foreign passport page with photo and signature,
  • the original birth certificate or a copy certified by a notary (mother's maiden name),
  • a certificate of good conduct from the place of residence for the director of the firm,
  • the distribution of the share in percentages between the co-founders of the company (if the co-founders are more than 2),
  • power of attorney for the registration of the company from each co-founder,
  • Power of Attorney of one who is responsible for authorized capital,
  • A statement from the Director,
  • A statement on the signature of the director,
  • appointment of a director (director may also be a co-founder of the company),
  • Index and home address of permanent residence of the director,
  • 4 different company name.

The process of registering a company in the Czech Republic:

1. The contract (agreement) between you and VISACZ is made on the company's registration in the Czech Republic. On the basis of this agreement you make an advance payment of 70% of the total cost of services by bank transfer or cash in our office.

2. VISACZ prepares you for the following power of attorney:

- If you are in the CIS, the power of attorney is left in Russian and sent to your email. You print out them yourself and sign the power of attorney by a notary,

- If you are in the Czech Republic, the power of attorney are made by company in Czech and you sign them by a Czech notary.

The power of attorney must be signed by each of the participants in the firm.

3. You send the following documents by express mail to the registered address of the company VISACZ:

- certificate of good conduct from the country of residence is not longer than 1 month (the original or certified copy),

- birth certificate (certified copy)- signed a power of attorney (notarized),

- the original certificate from the bank on the presence of your account funds in the amount of not less than € 7,000 no longer than 1 month (if you arrange the documents for long-term visa at the same time).

4. After getting the necessary documents VISACZ draws regulations (statute), which are one of the most important documents for the registration of the company. During the next three (3) working days you have to send the second part of the payment. For an additional cost we will send to your email scanned charter company with translation into Russian,

5. VISACZ draws up a license, collects the total package of documents and registers your company in the Commercial Register,

6. The company must register with the tax authorities of the Czech Republic not later than 30 days from the date of registration,

7. After the company's registration, we will send the following confirmation to your email:- an extract from the Trade Registry with translation into Russian,- an extract from the Trades Register with translation into Russian,

8. By the last step VISACZ sends you a complete package of documents registered company and a package of necessary documents for business visa, if one was ordered,

The cost of registration of the company in the Czech Republic in the company VISACZ - 29,000 CZK (basic documents).

Re-registration of the company in the Czech Republic

We will also help you to re-register your company and make any necessary changes:

  • complete renewal of the company,
  • increase the authorized capital,
  • Change of the legal address of the company,
  • the addition of new activities,
  • input-output co-founder (co-founders), Director,
  • percentage change between the co-founders of the company,
  • changing the company name.

Support (maintenance) for company

Both new and existing companies  can use the service of support for company during the year. This service includes:

  • To provide legal address, if the customer does not have his property,
  • To receive and store e-mail correspondence, which is given to the client or his authorized representative,
  • To provide a trusted person who will receive the e-mail correspondence sent from a notification (eg, from the tax authorities) and respond to it in time,
  • full legal support of the company,
  • accounting services of company,
  • send scanned copies of correspondent to a client by e-mails (on request).


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