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Multiple Schengen multivisa in the Czech Republic

After the accession of the Czech Republic into the Schengen zone December 31, 2007 the visa regime in this country is regulated by the EU Code. Schengen short-stay visa allows stay in the Czech Republic, as well as any other of the 27 EU countries for the period to 90 days. The decision to grant this type of visa is taken by the diplomatic representatives of the Czech Republic in your country.

Reasons for a Schengen visa

  • tourism or medical treatment,
  • an invitation from the Czech partner (business visa),
  • culture or sport,
  • teaching or scientific research,
  • work,
  • visiting relatives or friends (on the basis of an invitation to the Czech Republic from them),
  • ownership of real estate,
  • visiting parents who have permission to long-term or permanent residence in the Czech Republic,
  • membership in the family of EU citizens,
  • participation in a legal entity.

The rule 90/180 applies to any short-term visa in Schengen, the essence of it  is that the total period of your stay in the Czech Republic or any other EU member states can not be more than three months (or 90 days) of six months (180 days). This condition does not apply to citizens who have the right to visa-free entry to the Czech Republic. In exceptional cases, the period of stay may be extended. Czech national visa with limited territorial validity are registered- it means it is is possible to get a Schengen multivisa the Czech Republic only in cases of serious personal circumstances or force majeure (illness, inability to leave the country, marriage).

Documents for short-term stays

  • presence of a foreign passport valid in all EU countries, exceeding the validity of the visa is not less than 3 months, and given not earlier than 10 years ago,
  • confirmation of trip purpose (hotel reservation, an extract from the Real Estate Cadastre, an extract from the trade register, guest invitation approved by the police of the Czech Republic, an invitation from business partners, marriage certificate, etc.),
  • Proof of your financial provision for the entire period of stay in the Czech Republic (preferably when applying for a visa you should have paid tickets),
  • Presence of documents confirming accommodation (accommodation in the Czech Republic) or the presence of sufficient funds for stay,
  • Medical Insurance Policy in an accredited insurance company (the minimum amount for which the applicant must be insured is 30 000 euros, or $ 50 000),
  • consular fee (registration procedure is free only for those families of EU citizens).

The validity of all documents (except passport) must not exceed 180 days.

Short-term visas are divided into single, double and multiple according to the number of entries.

Multiple multivisa

The validity of this visa depends on the intended number of entries. It is important not to confuse the validity and timing of the possible stay in the Czech Republic. You have under Rule 90/180 to enter the country, but the maximum term of the short-term visa is 5 years (which allows you to an unlimited number of crossing the Czech border).

Issuance of multiple-entry visas is governed by Article 24 of the visa Code.

The main thing for applying of multivisa the Czech Republic the following:

1. Justification of the necessity and importance of permanent entries in the Czech Republic. Possible reasons:

  • official business, entrepreneurial business,
  • relative and family connections with people permanently living in the EU,
  • research, education, sports and participate in international competitions,
  • diplomatic or political activity, frequent meetings with officials of the Czech Republic and the countries of the Union,
  • social works, activities related to art, workshops, conferences, etc.,
  • presence of real estate in the Czech Republic,
  • the need for entry to the Czech Republic for international transportation drivers.

2. The proof of your intentions, reliability and integrity.

  • availability of previously used Schengen visas with the lack of violations,
  • proof of social status or economic situation in the country origin,
  • proof of the intention to leave the territory of the Czech Republic and the EU member states are regulated by law and visa period.

When making multivisa it is necessarily give copies of all previous visas. As a rule, you will not be able to get Schengen multivisa if you are not previously in the Czech Republic, also it is desirable to the purpose of travel past Schengen visas is the same as on the basis of which you will ask multiple-entry visa.

Conditions and the process of applying for a Schengen visa

  • Applications for a Schengen visa will be accepted only with the personal presence of the applicant,
  • All activities associated with applying for a visa (submission of documents, issuing passports, service passports for sticking visa, getting visa), the applicant is obliged to make personally without exception,
  • Applications submitted by mail, fax, email or post any other way to the Embassy will not be accepted,
  • All forms are filled entirely and only in Latin. Questionnaires filled out incompletely or Cyrillic, will not be accepted,
  • All accompanying documents must be issued on the name specified in the applicant's passport. This applies primarily to invitations (visitor visas to 90 days),
  • In the event of disagreement, errors or inconsistencies in the statements in attached documents will not be accepted,
  • The fee for a visa will be charged when submitting documents.

Visa Code of the Czech Republic (PDF, 1,55 MB, in Czech);
Basic rules of the European Union concerning the issuance of Schengen visas (DOC, 96,5 KB, in Russian);
Application Form for a Schengen visa (PDF, 142 KB).



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