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Management of real estate in Prague (Czech Republic)

One of the most common so-called "ready" businesses in the Czech Republic is buying real estate and renting it for a long period of time. And what if the business you have, not only in Europe?  Even if you do not live here for any reason? A property has been already bought, and every day of your apartment standstill   - it is a missed opportunity.

In this case, very often our clients decide to this service, as property management, namely: interaction with community services, payment of utility bills, finding tenants and renting, etc. As part of this service, you pass the object management of your property to our workers who become managers and act on their behalf. In this case, you as the owner make the strategic decisions and control quality of manager’s functions, and we - the operational management and maintenance of your Czech real estate.
Cost of services for the management of the property is 1000 CZK per month.

Our property management services

• Make contracts and their extension for delivery of the electric power, water, gas, etc.
• Full interaction with community services of housing, representing interests of clients at meetings, negotiation and decision of relevant issues during the operation of real estate.
• Check the condition of the client property by our specialists.
• Preparation of the act of transmit-receive of the property during making contract of the agreement on the management of real estate.
• Consultation, guidance and coordination of conditions delivery of the property for rent with the client.
• Search for tenants and placement of the rented property in the internet and print publications of Czech Republic.
• Full interaction with potential tenants (object presentation, negotiating the terms of the lease, preparation of all documents, a monthly collection of rent pay  to the specified client account in the Czech bank and provide a full accounting).
• Acceptance of a real estate object with carrying out control survey of its condition, the signing the act of transmit-receive of property from the tenant, the final payment to the tenant at the end of rent contract.
• Receiving by proxy all your e-mail correspondence (notices, receipts, registered letter from the tax office, social services, etc.) in the case of your absence in the country.
• Representing interests of clients at general meetings of the owners of the property.
• Reregistration of rent contract with tenants.

Help with buying a property

VISACZ provides high-quality realtor services in the territory of the Czech Republic. Legal formalities during registration of documents, tracking transactions, registration of transfer of ownership - our company will take all these issues. As practice shows, competent legal support of real estate transactions prevents potential conflicts and protect the interests of our clients.
We do the following services:
• Consultation on renting residential or non-residential property,
• legal maintenance of rent, buying and sale of a particular object,
• support transactions,
• registration of transfer of ownership.
• complete property management,
• capital and cosmetic repairs,
• assistance in arranging a mortgage loan to buy real estate,
• assistance in applying for a loan for construction.

At the end of the work we provide a detailed report on the chosen object:

• The development of local infrastructure,
• transport accessibility,
• Type of ownership (property)
• possible profitability from the rent,
• a detailed report on the condition of the property,
• development plans or changes in the infrastructure area,
• the possible commercial benefits from the buying of a particular property.

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