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Land and plots

Many economists claim (and they are right) that the buying of land in the Czech Republic - a very, very profitable investment, because the ground in contrast to real estate becomes cheaper (falls in price) very rare. Many foreigners such as Austrians, Germans, Ukrainians, Poles, Russian buy agricultural land, and not only because of its cheapness in comparison with other European countries, and also because there is a principle opportunity to buy the land, while it is quite difficult to do it in the neighboring countries.

Often the land in the Czech Republic is bought either for the next resale or for construction of residential houses or larger objects, such as a factory. Very cheap prices caused the increasing demand for land in Prague and its suburbs. Small towns on the skirts of Prague are a great choice for those who want to buy profitably and invest their savings in the land. And the risks are minimal - if the construction for any reason is not started, the owner of the land has always the opportunity to sell or let his land.

Czech Republic - one of the few countries in Europe where foreigners can buy land, including the state lots of land. The price of the most expensive lands of the construction reaches more than 200 € per square meter. It becomes clear by viewing areas why this price is. The location area and the presense of green space play an important role in it. When buying land in Prague habitable area is appreciated much more, but the free not built up  land in such places become less that gradually increases the price of the land.

There are many legal details when you make a purchase and sale of land in the Czech Republic, and the company «VISACZ» will help you in buying and selling of land in the Czech Republic. It is necessary to know something about the tax on land. Land lot becomes a subject of taxation at the time of registration in the real estate cadastre as arable land, vineyards, Chmelnik orchard, meadow, pasture, plot or other areas. The tax is also imposed  if it is used in economic activity. Water areas - if it is stocked ponds where fish is bred on an industrial basis. The taxpayer can be the owner of the land plot and a tenant or a user. But there are land lots which are free from taxation. In particular, it is a land, which is under the construction (buildings), even if the construction is not paid the estate tax.

Land in the Czech Republic, a tax exemption:

• protected forests and forests of special purpose,
• protected areas of nature and landscape,
• water areas, except for industrial fish ponds,
• areas that do not have the possibility to be used,
• owned by associations of citizens (without the use of a commercial activity)
• boundaries, forest plantations on agricultural grounds, meadows and pastures,
• glades of power lines and gas pipelines,
• areas where survey markers are,
• Land lots in the 1st zone of sanitary protection,
• land lots in 1st protective zone of national parks and protected landscapes,
• recultivated agricultural areas (for 5 years from the date of recultivation) and forest plantations (for 25 years).

Despite the fact that taxes are not imposed on land, their owners are obliged to fill in the tax declaration.

The tax rate imposed on the owner of the land depends on the area and type of its purpose. In this case, depending on the type it is calculated both the material volume (in CZK) and in physical units (m2). In the first case it is arable land, vineyards, hop-garden, orchard, meadow, pasture, where the tax base is the value of land in Prague, established by multiplying the average price in the area to land area. For the other areas (with constructures) there is a concrete rate, multiplied by the area, while, as in the case of buildings, the same correction factor is applied depending on the number of people living in this city or area.

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