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Flats and apartments

VISACZ Company provides a wide range services. These include rent, buying, selling  apartments in the Czech Republic. It's no a secret that the value of apartments in the Czech Republic is comparatively low and buying an apartment here in the heart of Europe is a very profitable investment. The value of an apartment depends on many factors, such as number of rooms, metric area, proximity to the city center and many others. But you see that cozy two- or three-room apartment somewhere in Prague 2 is a very profitable investment of capital. Number of offers for the sale apartments in the Czech Republic increases every year, and the average market price does not change (concerning real estate prices in other countries of Europe). Nowadays it is a good chance to buy an apartment in the Czech Republic - the market is stable, prices are reasonable, demand , as well as supply are sufficient, in view of great interest of foreigners in immigration to the Czech Republic. For example, it is very interesting offer for a businessman who wants  to move his family to the Czech Republic to buy a cheap apartment in the Czech Republic, the price of which is about 2 000 000 CZK.

Apartments in Prague

The cost of apartments in Prague not greatly but still differs from the real estate prices in the other, a little more distant from the center cities of the Czech Republic. But it is easily explained by the administrative value of Prague, as the capital, and the historical value of buildings as monuments. Apartments in the center of Prague are, in fact, works of art. High ceilings, antique oak parquet floors and doors, floor-to-ceiling windows - historical and cultural value of these elements is so high that you will need to pass more than one instance, to change the oak windows, for example, for double-glazed windows. In Prague there are a lot of beautiful old houses in excellent order. Cheap apartments in Prague can be found even in the center, in the areas of Visegrad, New Town, the Main Station, the National Museum.

How much does a flat in Prague cost?

Many people who decide to move to the Czech Republic, has more than once asked this question. Indeed, what are the prices of apartments in Prague? The real estate market at the moment is quite stable, and still when you buy a flat you should understand that even the minimum cost of one-room apartment in Prague will be 40 000 - 70 000 €. If your desire for living in Europe is strong but you can’t afford to buy property yet there is a perfect solution - rent a dwelling. If you are ready to rent an apartment in Prague, you know - there are a lot of people both the Czechs and Russian, who are ready to let a flat at the best price and condition. This is due to the large flow of students, businessmen, tourists and large families who want to live in their apartment with a pair of comfortable rooms, well-equipped kitchen, nice bathroom, and maybe even with a balcony is much nicer than in a hotel room.

Apartments in Prague - rent, buy, sell

The main difference between apartments in Prague from a flat is the service. An apartment is something between a private flat and hotel. In a rented apartment there is no guarantee that you will have the fresh bathroom accessories, almost daily cleaning of rooms, regular replenishment of tea coffee and sugar stocks in the kitchen and solution of other small, but important issues. However, the apartment is not a hotel where "all inclusive" with the reception and daily hot dinners. If you arrive to the Czech Republic on a tourist visa for a couple of weeks just to relax, you can rent apartments in Prague for all the time of stay - it will be an ideal option for you. The cost of apartments in the Czech Republic depends on the term of stay, number of rooms and level of service. Prices for apartments in Prague are the following: the cost of accommodation varies from 45-140 euros for a single room to 59-160 € for double apartments in a night.

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